Donor Care Receipts Tips

Akubo Tip: Creating Receipts

Sending receipts or thank you letters to our donors makes them feel valued and appreciated. This establishes a relationship between you and your donor. In Akubo, after adding a donation, you can create a receipt that you can either print or email to your donors.

Features Tips

Akubo Tip: Tracking your donors

You may have some donors in your database who haven’t donated since 2014, for example, or some who haven’t donated at all. Now is a good time to get in touch with them through a mailer. In Akubo, you can view a list called Lapsed Donors: it’s a list of donors who have donated before, or have not given since, 2014. […]


Akubo Tip: Creating an email subscription form

One way to gain recipients for your newsletters is to have an email subscription form on your website. With Akubo, you can create a subscription form, and the sign-ups will be automatically saved to your Akubo database. Here is the code that you can put in a text widget on your website (this code will […]

Akubo Team Tips

Akubo at Campus Devcon: Five lessons about UI Design

Recently we attended the Campus Code DevCon, held at the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos last February 28. Partly sponsored by Akubo, the forum aimed to boost students’ academic learning with trends in the IT industry and discussions on bug tracking, version control, and design. Among the guest speakers were two members of our team. […]

Akubo updates Tips

Akubo V2: New Settings Page

With the release of Akubo V2, we introduced a new layout. Now, there is a new look for the Settings page. The features are still the same, but with enhancements. This is what’s new with the Settings page: Tabs The tabs are now on the left side of the page, and the different sections under […]