Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Akubo

If you are a start-up business or an existing organization/institution, you may have thought of investing in a Customer Relationship Management Tool to build up your contact database or simply organize your data for inventory management and communication with your customers or donors. With hundreds of recommendations found online, what could be the best option …

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5 Ways to Avoid Your Emails Being Tagged as SPAM

Email Marketing is one of the most effective strategies in reaching out to clients and prospects. If you’re in the email marketing business, you ‘re under the constant pressure to think about spam traps, spam trigger words and anti-spam legislation. According to research conducted by ReturnPath, only 79% of emails sent by genuine email  marketers reach inboxes of subscribers. But how? Well, even a small mistake is enough to send an email to the 9th circle of email marketing hell from an honest email marketer, causing significant, almost irreparable harm to the distribution of email and the credibility of the sender. So, here are the tips to avoid your emails being tagged as SPAM: DON’T BUY LISTS! We know acquiring  recipients is a challenge to …

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