Staff Spotlight: Jason

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Staff Spotlight: Jason

  Jason recently joined our team last year, 2019, as one of our Software Engineers. In his few weeks in Akubo, he has built such connection and camaraderie with the team! Get to know him personally as he shares about himself  below. 


You create an email, send them away and came back with “bounced” ones. Isn’t it a bit frustrating? Spending much time and effort making them and found out the intended recipients didn’t actually get to receive it. But WHY? There are several types and reasons for bounced emails. Soft bounce emails refer to ones that […]

Staff Spotlight: Mila

Working behind every vibrant and feisty layouts is a dedicated graphic designer,Mila, who has been with Akubo for quite a while now. Get to know her more by reading below.

Customer Spotlight : Concordia Children’s Services

Concordia Children’s Services has been using Akubo since 2012. What influenced your team to use Akubo? “Since Concordia was established in 1983, we had no technology to record donor profiles and to well manage our communication with them. As time passed by, our number of donors continued to grow, which made it a challenge to […]

Akubo Tip: Contact Visibility

Did you know that you can set the visibility of specific contacts for each user? For example, a certain user in your organization need not to have access to some contacts. Setting your contact’s visibility for every users helps in securing their information from being accessed by prohibited users. How?   In contact view, simply tick off […]