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What Can Data Analytics Do For You?

Have you ever reached a dead end or were stumped while thinking about your next strategy? Maybe you struggled to expand your reach, or even decide which campaign to take forward. In times like these, you may find analyzing your data to be a most useful tool! This is where data analytics can help your business […]

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Tagged as SPAM? Here’s What You Should Do

Thinking of a way to send meaningful messages during special occasions? Sending a personalized email to your family, friends, and even colleagues might be “old school” but is still the simplest yet heartwarming gift you can give! Just make sure it goes right through their inbox. 😉. Here are some tips to avoid being tagged […]

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Why is Data Organization Important?

They say that being organized is key to being productive. With your business slowly expanding, your stored data also increases – making it harder to pull up information if data is not well-managed and organized. What exactly is Data Organization? The practice of categorizing and classifying data in order to make it more usable is […]

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Akubo

If you are a start-up business or an existing organization/institution, you may have thought of investing in a Customer Relationship Management Tool to build up your contact database or simply organize your data for inventory management and communication with your customers or donors. With hundreds of recommendations found online, what could be the best option […]

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Why is a CRM TOOL Important?

In our previous blog, we introduced what Customer Relationship Management or CRM is, its basics and how it works. We have highlighted some of its main uses, how it affects every business in terms of lead generation, data organization and marketing. With all of these points being discussed, why is it important to invest in […]