Best Practices: Small non-profit successfully using Akubo

We’d like to share with you an example of how a small non-profit organization has been successfully using Akubo.

Customer List, Groups
We maintain our entire mailing list on Akubo. This list includes our donors, supporters, volunteers and staff. The web-based access allows our various volunteers across the US to enter new donors and supporters information directly into Akubo from their locations. We have our customer list broken up into various groups reflecting geographic location, referral source, campaigns and projects. Our customer list includes addresses and with the built-in link to Google maps, we can easily map our customer’s address.

Fundraising and Mailings
We enter all donor pledges and donations on Akubo. We can track donations by campaign and run reports on donations received per campaign. We also send out bi-yearly newsletters, Holiday cards and invitations to our annual fundraiser and Akubo makes it easy for us to print mailing labels for these mailings. In addition we also do an email campaign prior to our fundraiser and we can send out these emails through Akubo.

Tracking Interaction with Donors and Supporters
With Akubo’s activity log, we jot down phone logs and notes about our donors and supporters and these get shared with various members of our team who all have access to Akubo.

Managing Tasks
We also use Akubo’s Task Management to coordinate tasks with other members of our team. Our director creates and assigns tasks for us and we can schedule daily or weekly email alerts to remind us of open and pending tasks.

Organization Documents
Akubo’s Memo feature allows us to create and share documents for the entire team. We can easily store documents we want everyone in the team to have ready access to. And these documents can be published in PDF or in RTF format (opens in MS Word).

CheckList Reminders
Akubo’s status checklists allow us to set reminders for sending thank you notes, brochures, newsletters and following up via phone/email to anyone in our database. If a supporter calls and requests a brochure, one of us can go into Akubo and mark the send brochure checkbox for that person and our staff who is in charge of our mailings regularly checks for records that have an open checklist reminder.

We hope these examples give you an overview of what Akubo can do for your non-profit organization.