Akubo’s Holiday Magic: Sending Warm Wishes Effortlessly

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The streets are lined up with sparkling parols and Christmas lights, malls are open for just a bit longer, and you may be unboxing your 11.11 finds, or adding to cart for the upcoming 12.12 sale. It’s famously a busy season, no doubt with plenty of planning to do on everyone’s end — and therein is an opportunity to showcase your brand through an email marketing campaign.

Most professionals are found to prioritize checking their email when it comes to work and other deals. And during the holiday season, studies from years past indicate an increase up to 6.05% in conversion rate attributing to emails sent. Email subjects that contained related phrases such as “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”  also seem to result in higher open rates.

In today’s fast-paced and digital world, practically everyone has an email address. More often than not, having an email is a requirement in signing up for plenty of apps, and is even used to help authenticate your identity for more legal accounts. 

Compared to the use of social media, emails allow for more personalized communication. With a platform that exists on having a clear addressee, you can make use of it to more accurately showcase both your cause and your organization to your chosen audience. 

Now, despite the benefits of starting an email marketing campaign this December, you may still find yourself hesitating. The holidays are a merrily busy season; you may be lacking in time and manpower to juggle between your regular tasks, while adding focus to creating and sending out emails to all of your contacts — and that’s where you can count on Akubo!

Among the other features of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Akubo makes sending email blasts easier. You can make an engaging and personalized email in just a few clicks.

Using Akubo’s drag-and-drop email editor, design your own email template based on your own branding. It comes with a variety of pre-designed templates that you can customize; create your own template using different formats, dividers, and buttons, and you may even upload your own images and elements into the cloud to use in your email design.

You can also utilize mailing labels and personalize your email even more; you can click or type in the appropriate label, and once the email is sent, the recipient will find that it shows, for example, their first name, as per how they’re written in your contacts.

Once you’re set with your email, you can schedule it to send whenever you want. Akubo lets you choose from any future date, to a number of timezones to set as default, down to the hour. If you find yourself with free time now, or if you see yourself having more workload close to the date when you need to send the email blast, then the scheduling feature can be your pillar!

And finally, after your email campaign, you can use Akubo to check your analytics; determine how well your email marketing campaign did, and find out which of the emails sent had performed the best for engagement. 


Let Akubo guide your emails to success in spreading some holiday cheer!

Take advantage of our 30-Day Free Trial and start schedule-sending your Christmas greetings now!