Akubo V2: Tasks and Cases

Earlier this month, we released Akubo V2. Though still in Beta, we opted to release it so our clients can get used to the new look and feel. The layout is different, but the features are the same, only with enhancements. One of these is Tasks & Cases.

Tasks & Cases is where you assign a task to yourself or to anyone in your team who has an Akubo account. You can decide who can see the task, its priority, due date, status (new, in-progress, done, and deferred), and the assignee/s. The V2 version lets you do more.

Pau 1

Akubo version 1 listing page for Tasks & Cases

Pau 2

Akubo version 2 listing page for Tasks & Cases

There are 3 types of views for the listing page. The default is the List View where it simply lists the tasks & cases in rows.

Pau 3

The Grid View categorizes the tasks/cases by status into separate columns.

Pau 4

The Calendar View groups the tasks/cases by month and year of the due date.

Pau 5


Pau 6

Projects is a new section that makes organizing tasks easier. Let’s say your team is planning multiple events. In Akubo V2, you can create a Project for every event, and add tasks under each Project.

For example, under the ‘Summer Fundraising’ project, you can specifically create and assign tasks like Send out invites to donors, etc.


With the new improvements for Tasks & Cases, we hope that these can help you and your team manage the smaller yet important details of your work.

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