Akubo V2: New Settings Page

With the release of Akubo V2, we introduced a new layout. Now, there is a new look for the Settings page. The features are still the same, but with enhancements. This is what’s new with the Settings page:


The tabs are now on the left side of the page, and the different sections under each tab are on the right side.



Opt-out Survey

When you send out emails, there is an option for your recipient to opt-out/unsubscribe from your future emails. You can create a survey to see why your recipient opted out or unsubscribed.

In Settings, go to the General Configuration tab.

Click Update, across the Opt-out Survey section.


On the Email Opt-out Survey popup, you can enable Opt-out Survey and define possible reasons.



Opt-out Survey Report

If you enabled Opt-out Survey, you can get a report that shows which contacts opted out and their reasons why.




In the new Settings, you don’t have to drag a Group to turn it into a Subgroup or to delete it.

Under the Groups tab, there are 4 buttons on each group on the list, one each to:

1. Move a Group to a Subgroup

2. View the contacts in a Group

3. Rename a Group

4. and to Delete a Group


To move a Group, click the Move icon and select the parent group on the popup.


To unlink a subgroup from its parent group, click on the Unlink icon.

Note: Only 10 smart groups are allowed per account. Smart Group is a dynamic group and it automatically group contacts that fit its query. Smart Groups created using the old Advanced Query won’t work in Akubo V2. It will still shows in the contact’s record but it won’t group new contacts. To make it work, you have to create a new smart group.


Transaction Fields

You can hide/unhide transaction fields such as categories/sub-categories, accounts, and payment methods instead of deleting them.


Manage Fundraising Campaigns

There is now a way to manage your fundraising campaigns. You can now enter data like the campaign’s amount goal, the start date, and the end date.


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