Akubo V2: Multilevel relationship reports

PAU II - 1

In Reports, we have a new feature under the Relationships section: Multilevel Relationships. This feature will help you see how the people you communicate with are related to each other, and is most useful for organizations implementing a referral system for their volunteers or partners.

The first part of this feature will give you your top 10 contacts with the most number of relationships. Each item on the list will give you the contact’s name, organization/company, and relationships count.

Clicking on the relationships count will bring you to the next part of the Multilevel Relationships feature. This section will display the source contact’s added relationship/s in an organizational chart. In a referral system scenario, this part will give you all the referred leads of the referral source.

PAU II - 2


On top of the hierarchy is the source contact’s name. The information below the name includes the total number of his/her downlines and the total generated sales.

PAU II - 3


Each downline will have the following information: (1) sum of all his/her transactions located at the top of the dowline’s name, (2) his/her relationship with the contact above him/her.

PAU II - 4


Clicking on the downline’s name will recreate the report but this time using the selected downline as the source.

PAU II - 5

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