Akubo Updates: Synch your Gmail Contacts, Import AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail Contacts

We’re pleased to announce some new Akubo features.


Gmail / Google Contacts Sync

* You can choose 1-way (akubo to gmail), 1-way (gmail to akubo) or 2-way sync for your gmail contacts.
* Phone numbers, notes and organization included in the synch.
* Google apps accounts are also supported.
* Use with Google sync for your phone (Blackberry, iPhone and Windows phones supported) and you can also keep your contacts synchronized between your phone and Akubo.

Import AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail / Windows Live Contacts

* Import your contacts from these email providers.
* Updates feature — if a contact's email address changes, you have the option to update your Akubo contact's email address upon import.


As always, thanks for all your suggestions and feedback.  We love hearing from you!

You can reach us at info@akubocrm.com or call 1-888-576-5592.