Akubo Updates: Email enhancements, New editor, Spell Checker, File Browser and more

We’re pleased to announce recently added Akubo features.

New editor with File Browser for Emails, Notes and Letter (Mail-Merge)

* New rich text editor that’s easier to use and provides more text editing capability including
* Spell checker with spell as you type functionality
* Enhanced image upload and file browser (with rename and delete)
* File upload with file browser (to send links to files instead of sending attachments).
* Allowed files are csv, (MS Word – doc, docx), pdf, (MS Powerpoint ppt, pptx), rtf, (MS Excel xls, xlsx), txt, zip
* View HTML source is improved (you no longer have to switch back from source view to commit changes)
* Copy and Paste from MS Word (with it’s own paste from Word button) reduces the extra HTML formatting characters that would typically get included when pasting an MS Word document
* Copy and Paste from Excel (preserves formatting on Excel into HTML table and cells)

File Browser with File Repository

* New file browser functionality allows you to maintain a file repository of images and files.
* Allowed image types are bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.
* Allowed files are csv, (MS Word – doc, docx), pdf, (MS Powerpoint ppt, pptx), rtf, (MS Excel xls, xlsx), txt, zip.
* Upload, Browse, Rename and Delete files.
* You can use your images and files for Notes, Letters and Emails.
* Send links to files in your emails instead of sending attachments.

Email your Notes and Letters

* You can now easily email your Notes and Letters. From the view notes and view letters page, you’ll see an Email button to easily send your note or letter to your contacts.

Email enhancements

* You can now email individual contacts without having to put them in a group first. This is very useful when you need to send out an email to a select group of individuals that you don’t really wish to put into a group.
* Opt-out (unsubscribe) link now automatically appears at the bottom of your email messages. This will further ensure that your emails are not marked as SPAM (Junk Mail) by your recipients.
* Enhanced email delivery reports — see Unique Opens, Total Opens and Opt-out statistics for each email address recipient (in real time as your recipients receive your email).
* Images — We’ve made it easier to add images in your email. You can now add images directly from your computer and the images are hosted on our servers. You can also still continue referencing images from your website if you already have those images images on your servers.
* With new editor you get spell checking, enhanced image uploads and image browser (with rename and delete), improved view HTML source and improved copy and paste from MS Word and Excel.

Envelopes and Mailing Labels Enhancements

* Choose the font style and font size for envelopes
* We added size A7 for envelopes
* Choose fields to include in the envelope name/address label
* You can now choose the font style for mailing labels
* Choose fields to include in the name/address label

Export to .Doc (MS Word)

* Notes and Letters can now be exported as .Doc files (opens in MS Word). The exported document opens in print view (instead of web view) so you’ll get the layout and view you would expect when editing MS Word documents.

Year-end Reports

* Year-end reports (in the reports section) now include a full report that shows the total sales/donation from each customer/donor. The full-year report can also be downloaded as a CSV file (opens in Excel).

Mobile browser page save password checkbox (Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile browser phones)

* You can now choose to save your password when you access Akubo from your Blackberry or iPhone web browser. Passwords expire after 2 weeks.


As always, thanks for all your suggestions and feedback. We love hearing from you!

You can reach us at info@akubocrm.com or call 1-888-576-5592.