Akubo Tip: Finding your Top Customers / Donors

You can easily find your Top Customers / Donors on Akubo by going to the Reports section and choosing a Summary report or a Full report. The Summary report will show your top 10 customers / donors and the Full report will show the entire list.

But if you wanted to easily add these top customers / donors into a group, an easy way to do that is to use the “Helpful Lists –> Customers —> This Year” link under the View All Contacts Menu.

The list will appear in alphabetical order but you can click on the “Total” column under “Transactions” and your list will be sorted by amount and you can then add your top 10, or top 20 or top 100 customers / donors into a group — so you can send them an email, print out envelopes for mailing or send them a personalized mail merge letter.

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