Akubo November Update

New Features on Akubo: Case Management and Email Alerts

We’re pleased to announce new features on Akubo — Case Management and Task Email Alerts.

Case Management — Create Cases for your contacts. A Case is a special task for a Contact. For example if a customer calls and has an issue you need to work on, you can create a Case for that issue, track its progress, write notes and assign a due date for completion. Another example would be if you’re working on a special project for a customer and you want to keep track of the project, you can create a case and track the project as it progresses. Cases are shared across all your organization’s Akubo users and everyone can collaborate and write notes on the case.

Email Alerts — Create email reminders for tasks and cases. You can customize what kind of alert you receive and how often (weekly, daily or specific days). Set a reminder to alert you if a task or case is due in 10 days. Set a reminder if a task is overdue. Set a reminder if a new task note has been added. Set a reminder to send you a summary of all open tasks and cases once a week.

We hope you find these enhancements to Akubo useful for your organization.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at info@akubo.net or call 410-988-2173. We’d love to hear from you!