Akubo July Update

We’re pleased to announce some recent updates to Akubo.

Blackberry, iPhone – Mobile Phone Access

Mobile phone access is now available through your Blackberry and iPhone browser. The Classic full-browser interface is still available especially for iPhone users but you’ll find the mobile browser version much easier to navigate and use when you’re on the road. You can easily search for your contacts, initiate phone calls and emails, map the addresses (supported only on the iPhone), view/add transactions (sales, donations) and view/add activity logs.

Universal Search

You can now search Contact Notes, Transaction and Activity Log Memos. To perform a Universal Search click on the Advanced Search link (right beside the search box) and click on the Universal Text Search checkbox.

Household Members

You can now add information on household members for a contact. You can define each household member’s relationship to the contact (e.g. spouse, child, parent, etc.), birthday and gender. This feature is very useful for organizations like Churches or Associations that use Akubo for their membership directory. You’ll find this feature in the Details tab when you’re adding/editing a contact.

Insert Data Fields in Email

You can now insert data fields in your email marketing including First Name, Last Name, Organization and Address information.

Create Form Letters (Mail Merge)

Create documents for printing (in PDF or RTF/MS Word format) with data fields in your letter including First Name, Last Name, Organization and Address information.

Importing Custom Fields

We’ve updated the import function to support importing custom fields into your Akubo database.

HTML View in Compose Email Editor

To give you more control in editing your e-newsletters, you can now switch the email editor view to HTML and make the changes directly to the HTML code. This is great for DreamWeaver users who want to copy and paste their HTML designs without having to go through extra steps to get their HTML code over to the Akubo editor.

Share your Notes via Public URLs

Your Notes can now be shared via public URLs so a memo can be embedded on your website and when you edit it on Akubo, the changes are reflected on your website as well. With this feature, Akubo Notes can be a great tool for website content management.


We’re all very thankful for all the feedback and suggestions you continue sending our way. As you share your daily experiences with Akubo we are encouraged to continue making it even better and easier for everyone to use.

Best wishes!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at info@akubcrm.com or call 1-888-576-5592.