Akubo January Update

We’re please to announce some recent updates to Akubo.

Advanced Query with Smart Groups

Akubo now offers various possibilities for searching your data. You can specify multiple search parameters like finding out who had a birthday last month, lives in Seattle and didn’t pay their dues. In addition to the various possible ways to search, you can save your search criteria as a smart group and Akubo will automatically update your group as your contacts meet the search parameters you defined.


You can now create invoices for your sales (and donations/pledges) transactions. Invoices can be sent via email and can be viewed in PDF or RTF (opens on MS Word) file formats.


Create documents directly on Akubo. Cut and Paste your documents directly from MS Word and your entire team can share, edit and view documents from any web browser. Documents can also be viewed in PDF and RTF (opens on MS Word) file formats.

Task Management Enhancements

We’ve added enhancements to task management to allow the creator of a task to see updates to a task they originally created and assigned to another login user. This is useful for managers who create tasks and assign them to a staff or volunteer and if they want to see the progress of the task they now have permissions to do so even if they are not the owners of the task.

Security Enhancements

We’ve added enhancements to security including IP address filtering you can customize based on your security policies.

We’re all very thankful for all the feedback and suggestions you continue sending our way. As you share your daily experiences with Akubo we are encouraged to continue making it even better and easier for everyone to use.

Best wishes to everyone!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at info@akubo.net or call 410-988-2173.

We’d love to hear from you!