Akubo April Update

We’re pleased to announce some recent Akubo updates.

New Web Address : AkuboCRM.com

To better reflect Akubo’s evolution as a CRM (Customer/Constituent Relationship Management) software, we’re changing the website address to akuboCRM.com. Our old address akubo.net will automatically get redirected to akuboCRM.com.

Charts and Graphs : Business Intelligence

We’ve added charts and graphs reports on Akubo. With charts you can now see a snapshot of your contacts and transactions (e.g. sales, donations) and use this business intelligence data for your sales/marketing analysis and planning. For example, you can see a chart that shows which cities (or even zip codes) generated the most sales last quarter, or see a graph of your income and expenses over the past year.

Export Activity Logs

You can now easily export your activity logs to Excel (in csv format). Exports can be customized by activity log type, date of activity, and fields (including custom fields).

Enhancement to Export Contacts

We’ve enhanced the export contacts functionality to allow for more fields to choose from (including custom fields). You can now also select individual contacts to export instead of being limited to exporting groups. You can easily do this by putting a checkmark on the contacts (from the search results page or from the view contacts results page) and click on the export link at the top of the page.


You can now define gender data for your contacts to use in your demographics reporting.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at info@akubcrm.com or call 410-988-2173.