About Us

Akubo was born out of a need we had at a small non-profit for an easy to use database we can access from anywhere using any computer.

We started as an in-house project created for Tapulanga Foundation, a small globally dispersed non-profit organization. From day one, we built Akubo to be used across the globe by various individuals all working together virtually and seamlessly.

Today we help organizations from small non-profits and businesses with less than 500 contacts to organizations that have 1 million contacts.

We are a growing team of software engineers, customer care engineers, writers, and artists. We have offices in Maryland, USA and in Bacolod City and Quezon City, Philippines.

Since 2008, Akubo has given various organizations across continents their own “hut” for their data.

A "kubo" is the Filipino term for a small house (an iconic nipa hut in the Philippines).  Our play on the term reflects our goal of creating a space on the web where small organizations can easily store their data.

We hope you will find Akubo as essential for your organization as we have. We encourage you to send us suggestions so we can keep working on making Akubo even better, smarter and easier.