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As an employer, Akubo wants to make sure employees are happy. After all, the company understands that people are the ones who keep the business going.

Prior to joining the Akubo team, I have been in the call center industry for 9 years. I was in operations so I lived and breathed the fast paced culture for as long as I can remember until I decided one day I wanted to stop and smell the roses. My career was growing fast but I did not have time to sit down and have coffee with friends or have a vacation with family because I was always working. Needless to say, I left the job I had always loved because my priorities have changed.

The opportunity to join the Akubo team came unplanned but it was probably the best decision that I have ever made. I have always loved working with people and make customers happy. As a customer development manager for Akubo, I communicate with existing clients and have the challenge of improving customer relationships to make clients our long-term partners. This is where I get to do just that, plus so much more.

A year and a half in Akubo, here are 7 awesome benefits that the team and I enjoy:

Drinks in the fridge

Here at Akubo, we have a fridge with a variety of drinks available (coffee, soda, juice, milk, chocolate drink) for all employees. This doesn’t seem like much, but it can really help everyone out. This lets employees get that boost of energy without having to run out of the office to get drinks. People also feel more at home in the office because of this.

Education subsidizing

Education is undoubtedly valuable to any employee, but it’s a privilege that not everyone can afford. Whether it be informal training or a post-graduate degree, Akubo invests in its employees. This way, employees get to bring in new ideas they learned from their classes which they can also apply at work and people appreciate the company more for helping them reach their educational goals.

Paid day-off on birthdays

Everybody likes feeling special, and getting a day off on your birthday definitely makes you feel special. Akubo is one of the few companies in Bacolod that offers this benefit and everyone loves it!

Free food

This is another great way for Akubo to make employees feel at home: providing free food lets employees run to the pantry and grab a snack instead of going out of the office.

Work from any space you choose within the office

Akubo sees flexibility as a benefit for its employees and believes that giving people the flexibility to where they are at their best is a way to increase their productivity and satisfaction. If you’d rather put your headphones on and stay in a corner and work alone (like I prefer to) instead of sit with a group of people in a big office table, you are encouraged to do so.

Bi-monthly team lunch

We also have the twice monthly team lunch that everyone looks forward to. This allows for people to connect with everybody even on a busy work day and get a chance to try out new restaurants in Bacolod.

Work at home

Every employee in Akubo gets to pick a day where they don’t have to report in the office and can work at home. This means I get to save on travel time going to and from the office on my scheduled work-at-home and I get to put on my favorite music and sing along with it without a colleague having to complain about it. Also, the beauty of working at home is that no one’s there to see all your weird rituals that help you do your job effectively.


This article was written by Ina Torrejon, our customer development manager at Akubo.

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