5 Top Reasons Donors Stop Giving

Donors are the lifeline of all charities and non-profits, providing funding for the different projects they support. Without donors, all non-profits will be in peril. To avoid that, here are the top five reasons why donors stop giving.

1. Feeling that other causes are more deserving

The top reason can simply be that donors feel other causes are more deserving. Sometimes non-profits just loses its allure with donors. At times, donors may be captivated by other non-profits and simply drawn to other causes that they may find more appealing.

2. Lack of Showing Gratitude

Another top reason why donors stop giving is the way they are treated. Having been sent a barrage of appeals for various campaigns, non-profits usually forget to thank their donors. Non-profits should express gratitude to their donors more times than they send out appeals for donations. Let each thank you note be personalized and show each donor how their contribution affects the beneficiaries.

3. Lack of Transparency

All non-profits are accountable to their donors. If the donors don’t know where their donations are going to, this is one quick way they will stop giving. Show your donors how their money is making an impact in other people’s lives.

4. Lack of Having the Right Relationship with Donor

Non-profits may not nurture the quality of the relationship they have with their donors. Non-profits may request inappropriate amounts from their donors at a wrong time of the year or is unable to distinguish from past contributions. It is important for non-profits to understand the nature of their relationship to their donors and remember what each donor wants to be part of.

5. Lack of Communication

Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting donors know that the non-profit is still alive, active and needs more donations, or reminding donors to donate again.  Communication is key for non-profits to build long term relationships with their donors.