5 tips for Fundraising Success during the Holidays

The holidays are basically synonymous with giving.

So it’s no wonder that the Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for organizations and their fundraisers. People come up with a lot of creative ways to raise funds and spread the holiday spirit. Here are a few tips to push your Holiday fundraising a bit more:

1. Organize holiday-related activities. Offer sales of personalized or handmade gift wrapping paper, greeting cards, wreaths, candles, and more.

Plan a holiday workshop perhaps, on how to bake cookies or how to paint figurines that they can give as gifts.

You might want to host a charity dinner or an auction – where donors can both donate and enjoy themselves at the same time, and where you can even auction holiday items. The possibilities are endless.

2. Tug at the heartstrings. Most people tend to get a tad more sentimental at this time of the year, but this doesn’t mean you have to make people cry before you get them to donate. You’d want to inspire people, not make them feel depressed.

Pick a great photo, highlight a quote, or write a powerful copy. With your campaign, you need to give a sense of hope. Connect to them beyond the usual marketing jargon. Remember, there’s a difference between asking people to simply help your nonprofit and asking them to help you help other people.

3. Write a short piece about why people should pick your organization. Other nonprofits are also competing for people’s attention, so what makes your nonprofit different from the rest?

You could try to add in a testimonial from your clients or donors, or a couple of awards you might have earned lately. This also adds credibility to your campaign, but try to keep everything brief and concise.

4. Show them where the money goes. Donors want to know how their money is used – they want to know whether it’s worth trusting your nonprofit, your mission. Keep them updated with photos in your website, Facebook page, or emails. Run a blog if possible, where you can write more about your activities with a more personal, close-up feel.

5. Send thank-you notes! Your donors are more than just names on a list, so don’t forget them and their generosity.

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