4 Steps to Sending Videos Using Akubo

Online video is now the fastest growing form of advertisement. But reaching out to the whole world does not end with simply uploading your videos to sites like Youtube and then sharing them on Facebook. You need to constantly monitor and ensure that the intended recipients are aware of your promotional efforts.

Typically organizations send links to their videos via email. Some would attempt to to attach a file, but there is a limit to what you can attach in your email. Chances are, the bigger the file size, the more likely it will not be received.

Here’s how you can send videos using Akubo through a personalized message and monitor who and how many checked it out?

Step1: Compose your email. Give your email a personal touch by merging data fields. In this case, we will only use [first-name]. Hover on “? See available Data Fields” for a wide array of data fields:

More Data Fields

Step 2: Save a screenshot of your video in your Akubo My Files and insert the image in your email. (You can overlay a media play button on your photo using photo editors to make it more appealing).

Step 3: Hyperlink the inserted image to your Youtube video, as follows:

Hyperlink Image

Send to the intended recipients.

Step 4: View reports for bounce, unique opens, and opted-out.

View Email Report

Upon receipt by the client, your email appears personalized, as follows:


Makati City, Philippines

Hi John,

Akubo brings out the best from your organization!

Watch this video on how Akubo helps the advocacy of Caritas Manila, Radio Veritas, St. Paul Univ. QC Alumni Association and Tapulanga Foundation!

Akubo Brings Out the Best from Your Organization

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