2015 — Happy New Year!

As we welcome the new year, we wish to thank each and everyone of you for your support in 2014.  It was a year of change and challenges for Akubo as we grew our development and support staff and expanded our reach and capacity in multiple areas.  Your support continues to inspire us to innovate and find new ways to make Akubo even better for all of you.

We just want to share some of the new things coming up for 2015.

We’ve been working on a new user interface (which some of you have already been using in beta) and we plan to do the general release this month to everyone.  The new user interface is designed to help improve navigation and visibility of information on a per-record basis.  As Akubo has grown over the years, the amount of information on a per-record basis has also grown with additional fields and tabs, so we needed a redesign to help improve the overall experience of adding and editing user records.

We are releasing 2 major feature enhancements.  We are introducing Events Management.  This feature will allow you to create and manage events within Akubo.  Events you create on Akubo come with a public website page where your guests can register for your event (free or paid) and all the registration information is stored back onto your Akubo database.

The other major feature enhancement we’re introducing is Membership Management.  This feature will allow you to manage memberships (e.g. Alumni memberships, Club/Association memberships, etc.) and you will be able to also track membership dues and collect information from your members through a website portal that your members can login to.

Of course our #1 goal is customer satisfaction and everything we do whether it’s a bug fix, or a feature enhancement or trainings, we do for you.  Akubo is where it is today because of the feedback and support we get from you, our clients who make our business possible.  We hope to continue serving you in the coming year.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

Your Akubo Team


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